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PMI Healthcare Services

Pioneer offers a multitude of services to hospitals, clinics, medical practices, doctor's offices, radiology departments and other medical related fields. All Pioneer Medical Services are fully HIPAA compliant, and follow the HIPAA guidelines without exception. PMI can provide HIPAA records management compliance consulting and your medical record confidentiality is always assured.

PMI provides x-ray and medical record capture and storage in all formats, both 16 millimeter and 35 millimeter rolls or microfiche. PMI also provides offsite storage of your original x-ray's in our secure and climate controlled facility, safely preserving the original and saving valuable and needed space in your offices.

Pioneer will pick up your records at your convenience, and offers x-ray date selection services, to select only those records you wish to capture to microfilm or CD, and transport them to our facility.

If you find you need the original x-ray, we also offer record retrieval, with guaranteed next day delivery to your site, or your may request immediate dispatch and delivery directly to you.

As the x-rays or other medical records or documents are slated for destruction, Pioneer will provide this service in compliance with the HIPAA guidelines. We crosscut and shred all paper documents and records to eliminate any chance of unauthorized access. X-rays are chipped and dissolved.

And these documents, records and x-rays can be converted to CD -ROM format at a later date.

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