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Document Imaging Solutions

Scan, index and save your document, record, x-ray, or any image in TIFF format.

Pioneer provides CD-ROM document capture services, in all formats. No more searching file cabinets or using hard to read fading copies. We will capture and index each document. Often we can enhance even faded or hard to read documents, saving your valuable older records and documents.

Pioneer will pick up your records at your convenience, sort them if required, remove any staples or paperclips, and prepare the documents for scanning. Customers who wish to save money can follow our preparation guidelines. Once the records are prepared, they are scanned into our computer systems, and indexed for fast easy instant look-up. We provide the .TIFF images to you on a CD-ROM with a built in reader. No other programs are required to access your documents and records.

Pioneer also provides and full integrated record management system using the Paperflow system, which creates an internal database at your workplace for your convenience. Once the database of stored records are created, additional records can be added at any time, or removed as they expire.

Pioneer also provides an onsite backup system in our offices of your records and documents, so that in the event of any emergency, you have a safe and secure backup of your valuable documents.

Pioneer can also store your original documents and records at our site and provide you with the physical copy at your request. If the documents are slated for destruction, Pioneer will provide this service. We crosscut and shred all documents to eliminate any chance of access of your records.

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